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Josef Bican I spent over thirty years playing football at the highest level and during that time I toured many countries, scoring goals in Europe, Africa and Asia. Leafing through this book I can reminisce on my career, and remember what great football players Czechoslovakia, Austria or Hungary had, and how thrilling and prestigious the matches with England used to be. I am pleased that I was able to see the skills of Africans and now I see that they have improved a lot along with football players from other nations from other continents. Nowadays, football is seen absolutely everywhere, even in places where I would not dream of that happening before I saw this book. The First World Atlas of Football is a non-traditional, unique piece of work, in which both professionals and laymen can find everything from the history and the present of football. I recommend it to all those who are interested in this most beautiful game.
(Josef "Pepi" Bican - preface to The First World Atlas of Football)

...yesterday I finally had an opportunity to open your much-awaited book 'The First World Atlas of Football' and I have just one word to say - brilliant! Your publication offers a look at football from totally different angle than usual and it will definitely become very much sought-after.
(Lubomir Kral, co-author of the "Encyclopaedia of our Football")

The first cartographic work that maps world-wide football action is a new book called "The First Football Atlas of the World", published by Infokart publishing house. The atlas was compiled by Radovan Jelínek and Jiri Tomes with the help of contributors from all around the world. The Football Atlas in four chapters, for the first time in history, brings thematic footballing maps which compare regions of the world, and which also look at climatic conditions under which football is played. Also interesting is the part devoted to World Championships, championships of individual continents or football tournaments under the Olympic umbrella. A tabular overview of winners of national competitions throughout the globe is also included. This colourful publication, with many charts, should also attract football fans who like well-arranged statistics.
(Czech Press Agency report - 22nd May 2000)

...a delicacy for true connoisseurs ... offers a unique look at the most popular sport in the world in various contexts...
(Sport Daily - 9th June 2000)

... I got the book 3 months ago, but with such a vast amount of information in it I haven't been able to read it all yet! In my opinion, it is the best book of all, definitely my favourite. It is unbelievable how you managed to get all the information together.
(Jan Stepanek, 16 yers old, Prague)

Brilliant! What more I can say? Absolutely wonderful - what a book! I can't believe it! This is probably the best book I have ever seen!
(Graeme Riley, Slough, English)

Graficka uprava je skvela, stejne tak je dobry tisk. Jak vzhled, tak i vyhledane udaje jsou velkolepe ...
(Alvaro Gandra, Lisabon, Portugal)

I did only a first look at it so far but it seems to be very well done.
(Hans Schoggl, Salcburk, Austria)

I recieved your atlas. An impressive piece of work, I have to say.
(Joost Schraag, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Although this fascinating Czech language book id ostensibly an Atlas of world football, siting the leading clubs within their national areas, it has many other facets. A colourful collection of club crest's eye catching graphics and original charts with incredible details, listings of national and international club honours, an exhaustive world-wide index and statistical tabulation galore. The focus is not merely on the major countries either. Where else, for instance have you seen a map of Ethiopia pinpointing the whereabouts of the top clubs. There is so much to admire in this book, which must have involved a vast amount of time, research and expertise to compile. Hopefully, updates can be produced in the future to keep pace with the daily changes to the world football map. Indispensable to any true student of the world's game.
(World Soccer, November 2000, Daniel Fein)

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