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The Atlas of Czech Football is made up of the following parts:
  • History (History (records from the beginning of the game, through various periods in Czech history, to the break up of Czechoslovakia in 1993, international competitions, club and international focus)
  • The Current Game (Czech competitions from 1993 with a detailed map showing all the Czech clubs)
  • Themes (the organisation of the game, stadiums, attendance records, the economy of football, transfers, football in comparison with other sports, successful minor clubs, Prague"S", youth football, etc.)
  • Photographs & Illustrations ((more than 1000 photographs, over 500 club emblems, kits, tickets, etc.)
  • Indexes & Statistics (1st league tables with results, league players from 1925, results and squads of the national team and clubs in European competitions, index of all current clubs)
Contents with hyperlinks to the book
6-7The Roots of Football in the Czech Lands
8-9Domestic Competitions before the 1st World War
10-11International Fixtures before the 1st World War
12-14Pictures to 1914 - teamssize 942 kB
15Pictures to 1914 - emblems
16-19Pictures to 1914 - items of interestsize 1 138 kB
20-21Domestic Competitions before the 2nd World Warsize 1 219 kB
22-23International Fixtures in the 1920s and 1930s
24-27Pictures to 1918-38 - teams
28Pictures to 1918-38 - emblems
29-33Pictures to 1918-38 - items of interestvelikost 874 kB
34-35During the Nazi Occupation I
36-37During the Nazi Occupation II
38Pictures to 1939-44 - teams
39Pictures to 1939-44 - emblemssize 2 685 kB
40-41Pictures to 1939-44 - items of interest
42-43Domestic Scene 1945-93
44-45Pictures to 1945-93 - emblems
46-47European Club Competitions until 1993
48-49The Czechoslovakian National Team after 1945
50-59Pictures to 1945-93 - teamssize 1 708 kB
60-65Pictures to 1945-93 - items of interest
66-67Domestic Competitions from 1993
68-69Pictures from 1993 - emblems
70-71European Club Competitions after 1993
72-73The Czech National Team from 1994
74-76Pictures from 1993 - teams
77-79Pictures from 1993 - items of interestsize 2 096 kB
80-83The Organisation of Czech(oslovakian) Footballsize 1 774 kB
84-85In Competition with Other Sports
86-87Grounds of Today and Yesterday
88-89Attendance and Its Trends
90-91Players' Transfer Market
92-93Incomes, Fees, Moneysize 892 kB
94-97Czech(oslovakian) Players Abroad, Foreigners in the Czech(oslovakian) league
98-99Youth Football
100-101Czech(oslovakian) Clubs Overseassize 612 kB
102-103Prague "S" during the Last Century
104-105National Rarity: A League in a Village
106-107Clubs of the Armed Forces
108-113Kits Written in Heartssize 195 kB
114-139Map of Current Football Clubs 1:300 000size 437 kB
140-145Pictures - Current Clubs Emblems
146-163Players and Managers of the National Team (1906-2004)size 597 kB
170-188Index of Map of Current Football Clubs 1:300 000
189-195Index of Clubs Name Changessize 73 kB
196-235Czech(oslovakian) Domestic Competitions 1906-2004size 95 kB
236-265International Matches of the Czech(oslovakian) National Team (1906-2004)size 90 kB
266-269International Matches of Czech Clubs (1894-1914)size 72 kB
270-274Miteuropa Cup 1927-1939size 85 kB
274Three-Digit Codes of FIFA Countries
275-306European Cups 1956/57-2004/05size 86 kB
307-309Czech Players in European 1st League Clubs after 1990size 76 kB
309Inflation Index 1901-2004
310-3461st League Squads (1925-2003/04)size 73 kB
347-383Index of 1st League Players and Managers (1925-2003/04)size 81 kB
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